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Are the generic side stands you sell suitable for supporting a 200 lb rider jumping down on the kick starter?

I very much doubt it and wouldn’t recommend it – these Indian made side stands are just about adequte as “prop” stands as reflected by the price.

The British idea of a “prop” stand was just that, something to prop the bike up with to stop in from falling over. They thought it totally improper to start a bike on the stand and considered the bikes should be started off the stand with the rider straddling the machine. That’s why most used British stands are bent!

North American riders seem to like to start their bikes on the stand/s. Harley reconized this as did the Japanese manufacturers however the British kept making flimsy stands in the belief that they were right and the riders were wrong.


Norton/Matchless G/N15 Hybrids

Almost daily we get asked for an illustrated parts book and workshop manual for these bikes. I have never seen one but if I ever find the time I’ll try to do one. I remember asking Gus Kuhn motors in the late 60′s for one for my AJS “33″ and they gave me a mid 60′s AJS Instruction book (as supplied with the bikes) and a Norton Atlas factory workshop manual.

The 1964/5 parts book has limited pictures, ie motor, transmission and forks. 1966-8 has no pictures so you need time and an imagination because parts are not always listed in the most logical places. For 1968-70 a few pictures crept into the early Commando parts book and then from 1971 onwards they did a beautiful job.

If anyone has specific questions about what goes where on these bikes I try to help them, time permitting.


How Do I Install A Norton Commando Swing Arm Spindle?

This is covered quite well in the factory workshop manual. You get a suitable (say 2″ long) regular 1/2″ fine thread bolt and put a nut on it leaving say 1/2″ of thread exposed. Screw the bolt into the threaded end of the spindle and lock the nut against the end. You can then hold the end of the bolt with your vice grips and slide it into place in order to install the top locking bolt.