Name: 1944 BSA M20

Date Posted: July 6, 2018

Price: 16000


1944 BSA M20 Restored in the 1960’s and has seen very little use since, 1,912 miles on the odometer. Everything works perfectly.

Contact: Zach Email:"

Photo of 1944 BSA M20

Name: 1968 BSA Lightning 650cc

Date Posted: June 12, 2018

Price: $7500 OBO


1968 BSA Lightning

650 cc displacement

Engine: Has been rebuilt, oil pump upgraded to a SRM pump, cylinder bored to .040 oversize, new pistons and rings, new valves and guides, new R&R connecting rods, dynamic balanced crank shaft, seals and bearings and new Amal premier carburetors.

Transmission rebuilt and shifts smoothly, primary has been upgraded with a Bob Newby dry clutch package and belt drive this provides smooth shifting with no first gear crunch and makes it easy to find neutral when approaching a stop, a very reliable and easy to maintain set up.

The front wheel, forks, brake and steering head has been restored and the top and bottom yoke has a tapered bearing set upgrade.

The electrical system has a new cloth wrapped wiring harness, podtronics voltage regulator and Boyer Bransden electronic ignition with dual output ignition coil.

Speedometer and tachometer has been restored by Vintage British Cables.

I have owned the bike since 1980 and it has been garaged since then and I ride it occasionally in the summer, the paint was done by a previous owner and although has a nice patina it is not the correct shade of red it has a few paint chips on the side covers. The gas tank is in excellent original condition and has good chrome and no rust with a very small ding on the front right side. Paint and striping starting to show signs of age. The left exhaust pipe has some small dents on the front inside and the saddle is original with the BSA logo fading.

The bike has been properly maintained and starts easily, runs strong and everything works as it should.

Contact: Scott Lenover

Photo of 1968 BSA Lightning 650cc Photo of 1968 BSA Lightning 650cc Photo of 1968 BSA Lightning 650cc

Name: 1972 Norton Commando 750 Production Racer Replica.

Date Posted: September 6, 2017

Price: $15,000 obo


1972 Commando Powder Coated Frame with Vin #
Powder coated black gloss frame, swing arm, engine cradle and battery box.
New swing arm pin bushes and seals.
Norvil modified oil tank
Norvil aluminum rear set mounting brackets C\W new machined aluminum folding foot pegs
Norvil rear set rear brake pedal assembly
Norvil chrome side stand
Stainless steel rear licence plate and brake light mount

750cc Engine
Bottom End
Brand new re-manufactured engine cases
Dynamic balanced crank
New super blend main crank bearings
New 4S Camshaft
RGM self-adjusting timing chain tensioner
Steve Maney Phosphor bronze racing lifters
Steve Maney Carbon steel lightweight racing pushrods
New polished con rods C/W new std big end bearings
New forged pistons pins and rings
Re sleeved cylinder barrels to 750cc std bore
Top End
New valve guides, race valves, springs and aluminum caps
Lightened and polished Rockers with mushroom head tappets
Finned Aluminum rocker covers
(All fasteners, spindles, nuts and bolts including engine bolt sets in stainless steel)
Custom polished aluminum lightweight front engine mount
Stainless vernier isolastic engine mounts front and rear

Rebuilt gearbox with brand new RGM close ratio 4 speed gear clusters and shafts
New bearings and seals
RGM primary belt drive kit C/W new clutch basket and clutch plates.
Steve Maney aluminum gearbox main shaft support assembly
Norvil kick start lever
Norvil JPN Norton reversed gear shift lever
New Reynolds drive chain
Custom vented primary cover

Norvil chromed front headstock fairing and headlight mount
Norvil Stainless steel rear faring mounts
Norvil full Norton production racer fairing C/W Plexi glass production racer headlight protector
Norvil production racer seat assembly
Norvil production racer fibreglass front mudguard
Custom lightweight aluminum café racer gas tank C/W aluminum vintage Monza gas cap
Norton Roadster fibreglass side panels

Chromed Norton Commando triple trees
Café racer chrome clip on handle bars
Norvil rebuilt front forks with aluminum lightweight race internal dampers and seals.
Progressive front fork internal springs
Aluminum fork nuts C/W with Schrader valves for nitrogen pressurization if needed.
Rear adjustable coil over nitrogen cylinder shock absorbers

Norton Commando MK3 master cylinder
Stainless steel braided front brake line
Norvil 12” Vented race front disk
Locheed rebuilt vintage front race caliper
Stock rear drum
New brake shoes
Stainless steel adjustable cable connector

Wheels and Tires
19” Cambray LM25 Aluminum alloy rims C/W new bearings and seals
New Dunlop Road master 4.10/H19 Tires
Stainless steel wheel spacers, wheel spindles and wheel nuts

New 12v 14AH battery
3 phase Lucas stator and rotor
3 Phase Boyer power box and rectifier
Boyer electronic Ignition system
New chromed Lucas style 7” headlight bucket and headlight assembly
New horn with stainless steel mounting bracket

Original Smiths green dot Speedometer and Tachometer
(New glass and chrome bezels)

RGM 2 into 1 Intake manifold
Brand new 36mm Amal MK2 carburetor
Stainless steel braided fuel lines

Brand new Norton SS exhaust system

(Note wherever available stainless steel fasteners, nuts, bolts, engine bolt sets, etc including

Contact: Email: Phone: 905 960 1595

Photo of 1972 Norton Commando 750 Production Racer Replica. Photo of 1972 Norton Commando 750 Production Racer Replica. Photo of 1972 Norton Commando 750 Production Racer Replica. Photo of 1972 Norton Commando 750 Production Racer Replica.

Name: 1983 Yamaha Midnight Maxam 750

Date Posted: April 10, 2017

Price: $1000.00


In running condition.

Contact: Call Jay at 226-377-1529

Photo of 1983 Yamaha Midnight Maxam 750 Photo of 1983 Yamaha Midnight Maxam 750 Photo of 1983 Yamaha Midnight Maxam 750 Photo of 1983 Yamaha Midnight Maxam 750

Name: 2 Triumph T160V Tridents (1975)

Date Posted: February 24, 2017

Price: Best Offer


The Triumph T160v Trident was built at the BSA factory in Small Heath, Birmingham, England. “Around 7,000 T160 models were built for the 1975 model year; due to slow sales some were still being sold as late as the end of 1977” (Roland Brown). It was produced for two years (1975-6). Both bikes for sale are 1975 models. These air-cooled in-line 3 cylinder bikes have pushrod engines and the following features:
• Matching engine and frame numbers
• 5 speed gearbox; Left side gear change (OEM)
• 27mm Amal ‘tickler’ carbs (OEM)
• Electric start (OEM)
• Lockheed disk brakes front and rear (OEM)
• Boyer Bransden electronic ignition units (non OEM item)
• Original Norton Commando Mk 2A style annular exhaust on 1 bike (OEM)
• One of the bikes has aftermarket mufflers and Accel ignition coils and spark plug leads
• Factory tubular steel cradle frames (OEM)
• 4.1” X 19” Dunlop TT100 rubber, front and rear, is in reasonable condition, but aged
• 40 spoke wheels (OEM)
• Factory maroon and white paint (fading) on 22 l gas tank (OEM)
• Taper roller steering head bearings (OEM)
• Oil cooler (OEM)
• Flat European style bars (non OEM) replace the N. American pull back bars
• Factory wall posters with enlarged detail drawings also available
One bike has a hairline fracture in the centre cylinder sleeve. The engine is partially dismantled for some bottom end work; the extent is unknown, but some of the conrod bolts broke in operation. There is no visible damage on the exterior of the crankcase.
There is no rust on either bike. The mileage of both bikes is low.
Both bikes have been partially disassembled, then garage stored for 30 years.

Roland Brown (January–February 2006). “Triumph T160 Trident”. Motorcycle Classics. Retrieved 22 February 2017.
Trident Specifications are available at:

Contact: Craig Email: Phone: 2364262293

Name: 1985 Honda V30 Magna

Date Posted: December 21, 2016

Price: $1000


Well maintained – runs and drive well. New tires and brakes. 76,000 km. Please call.

Contact: Larry (519) 666-0920

Photo of 1985 Honda V30 Magna

Name: 1976 Triumph Bonneville T140V

Date Posted: January 26, 2016

Price: Contact Steve Brantley at (919) 245-2326 or (919) 428-4320 if interested.


Description of Restoration:
total engine rebuild with new 020 pistons & rings on fresh bore
new value & guides
sludge trap cleaned; as-new condition
original & professionally re-chromed handlebars, headlight, grab rail and front & rear fenders
polished front & rear brake hubs; front & rear
new brake rotors & pads; front & rear
new Dunlop tires – front & rear; correct period
new Excel raised edge aluminum rims & stainless steel spokes, front & rear
new exhaust headers and mufflers, beautifully chromed
braided stainless steel brake lines, front & rear
twin 30mm Amal MkII carburetors, rebuilt with no play in slides
new lithium Shorai battery
Boyer electronic system & solid state charging system
chrome polished front fork lowers, with new rubber fork gaiters
original braided wiring harness
polished handlebar controls that work correctly
nice tank badges; correct period
new mirror (left side); correct period
nice condition & recovered seat, with no rust on seat pan
new rear chain & sprocket
new speedometer & tachometer cables
immaculate paint on tank with period correct Cherokee Red & Cold White paint scheme, with hand-painted gold pinstripe
Workshop Manual for Triumph Twins is included
No turn signals (but can be added to the existing wiring harness connections)

Contact: Steve Brantley at (919) 245-2326 or (919) 428-4320

Photo of 1976 Triumph Bonneville T140V

Name: 1957 Goldstar Catalina Scrambler (First year for Catalina model)

Date Posted: May 21, 2015

Price: Please Contact Seller.


Restored to correct specification. Chrome petrol tank restored by Ross Thompson. Competition magneto SC T gearbox Good Runner. Despatch Cert. Showing correct numbers and despatch on January 3, 1957.

Contact: Bill at (315) 788 2585 or manxman61@gmail.com1977 Triumph T140V Bonneville.

Photo of 1957 Goldstar Catalina Scrambler (First year for Catalina model) Photo of 1957 Goldstar Catalina Scrambler (First year for Catalina model)

Name: 1961 BSA Goldstar Special Competition

Date Posted: May 21, 2015

Price: Please contact seller.


Restored to original specification, complete with all original, correct parts. GP carb. Competition magneto, STD T gearbox,central oil tank. Alloy petrol tank restored by Ross Thompson. Good running racing model. Despatch cert. Showing correct numbers and despatch February 2, 1961.

Contact: Contact: Bill at (315) 788 2585 or

Photo of 1961 BSA Goldstar Special Competition

Name: 1963 BSA A10S Spitfire Scrambler

Date Posted: May 21, 2015

Price: Please contact seller.


Restored to original specification with correct parts, good runner in show condition. Despatch cert. Showing correct numbers and despatch September. 6, 1962.

Contact: Bill at (315) 788 2585 or

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